Lobby Park Hotel
Circular 3 # 71 13
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
(574) 4446248
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Lobby Park Hotel

'Values ​​christmas light', a proposal of lights that decorate the Riverwalk, main roads, parks, neighborhoods and districts of Medellín. The story is presented as a story that has a central character: Paloma, a girl sailing on a river boat Peace (the Medellín River) and stops at ports where he learns of values. Be 30 million LED bulbs, 800 kilometers of rope light, 11 tons of foil, 170 tons of iron and 45 structures moving structures that decorate the Christmas Medellín. According to Juan Esteban Street, manager of EPM, the cost of the lighting amounted to 21,000 million pesos. "This is the largest lighting we have created. We include neighborhood parks and 14 municipalities. We are very pleased that it also was conceived in conjunction with citizens, who chose peace as the central theme, "he said. The lighting will light next November 29 and will be until February. In the Metropolitan Basilica exercise videomapping will be repeated, which last year attracted thousands of visitors. Article taken from daily DNA http://diarioadn.co/medell%C3%ADn/mi-ciuda